Tetra Homes Inc. is a private investment firm that focuses on the real estate market. While we have historically invested across many states, our current focus area is our home area of Greater Cincinnati. We are currently focusing on single family acquisitions, although we will consider any fantastic property of other configuration, since other property like a two family setting or multiple family unit does not cause us any concern.

Since all property must be purchased with money, our vision is to be able to provide our investors with an alternative to the low yielding investments that are currently available to most people. Our objective is to build a long term relationship with our investors through sound ethics and business practices. Our process is to always be open and transparent with everyone, including our buyers, sellers, renters and investors and treat them with integrity, honesty and to always place them first.

Whether you are seeking a simple program to increase your rate of return on your investments, looking to buy one of our homes for your residence, sell your house to us for any reason or want to be involved with us as a debt or equity partner; we will always allow our experience to give us the advantage to help in our work to secure your future.


Cincinnati, Our Hometown

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