One of the basic premises to American life is to have your own home. In today's economy that can be almost impossible for most families with all of the pressures of everyday life. There are so many daily decisions that each of us make just to keep our head above water. We think, “The last thing we need is to try to buy a house.” But in reality, you are gambling with your future more if you don’t buy a home and stop throwing away rent money. While it is a fact that 2007 -2011 saw property values drop, they have rebounded over the last couple of years and are on target to do so for the next few years. In fact, looking backwards, the only people who lost money in housing are people that had to sell their home or speculators that over-extended themselves with bad loans. Many areas of the country are now at higher values before the real estate crisis began.

Tetra Homes, Inc. has many programs to help everyday people make their dream come true. From lease/options to land contracts to seller financing to conventional financing, we can help you take that big step. In fact, a lot of our programs have minimal down payment requirements and in most cases we don't make judgments based on credit scores. However, we do make positive commitments with people who want to change their life, or get a fresh start, or have been subject to bad things that happen to good people.

If this is something that you believe you want to pursue, look at our available inventory that changes as quickly as we acquire another home. Call us and make an appointment to see the home and you could be living in it as quickly as 1...2...3.

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