Seller Q1.
Are you real estate agents?

Seller A1.
No, we are investors that are looking to buy your property. .Real estate agents “list” properties and charge you a commission to sell it and do so on a “best efforts” basis. There are no guarantees, if, when and how much they will sell your property. On average, it can take months to sell your propert and some take over a year! This uncertainty can cause you great stress and anxiety and you only get your check after your property sells. You do not even know how much your check will be until that time.

We do not "list" your property, we buy it. We do not charge you any fees or commissions. We can make you a fast cash offer in as little as 48 hours and ensure a fast, hassle-free, stress-free sale!

Seller Q2.
Will you pay me retail value for my property?

Seller A2.
First, the amount a real estate agent tells you is the value of your property may not be what you will put in your pocket. Commissions to the agent can even as much as 6.00%. Your closing costs can be as much as 4.00%

Second, you might be required to do a number of repairs to satisfy the buyer if you list it with an agent. These repairs could cost thousands of dollars.

Third, you may be making loan payments which may amount to thousands of dollars as you wait for it to sell. Not forgetting the cost of your money tied up in the property, which could be making you money, somewhere else.

Fourth, you almost never sell your house at the original listing price as periodic decreases are the industry standard

In other words, the amount your real estate agent tells you your house is worth could be thousands of dollars less than you put in your pocket by the time your agent sells it, figures in your holding costs, repair costs, commissions, selling costs etc. etc.

We will make you a fair offer once we assess your situation and see your property. Our commitment is to make make this a fast, stress-free and happy experience.

Seller Q3.
How quickly can you buy my home?

Seller A3.
While each case is unique, many times the transaction can be handled in as little as 14 days, assuming there are no problems on the title.

Seller Q4
 My house is in need of repairs and/or I owe back real estate taxes. Can you still buy it?

Seller A4
Yes we can still buy it. We will bring  thereal estate taxes current upon closing and will do the repairs after we own it.

Investor Q1
What is a private mortgage?

Investor A1
A Private Mortgage is a security instrument for real estate loans. The specifics of the loan are detailed in a separate promissory note, and the private mortgage is recorded at the county recorder's office. The Private Mortgage serves legal notice to the world that the subject property is pledged to secure a loan. Our marketing name for Private Mortgages is Smart Capital Opportunities in Real Estate (SCORE).

Investor Q2
How do I know I can trust you?

Investor A2
The good news is: It does not take a leap of faith and there is no guesswork involved here. We inform you on all of the following before you invest:

  • · The address of the property and complete legal description
  • · The terms of your investment including your fixed yield
  • · A complete copy of the market analysis
  • · The Title or Escrow Company handling the closing
  • · In addition, since your transaction is completed through a third party Title Company, your name appears right on all the official loan documents. And the funds never enter our account until the loan is closed. You will receive the following from our office about 1-2 weeks after the loan closes:
      • · Title Commitment with Title Insurance
      • · Hazard insurance naming you as the mortgagee
      • · Promissory note naming you as creditor
      • · Mortgage (securing your investment to the property)

Investor Q3
Can I participate in the profits of a “fix and flip” home?

Investor A3
We have many ways to satisfy this request but the simplest way is to be involved with one of our properties in our Partners of Profitability Program. (POP)

Investor Q4
Can I use the money in my IRA to be involved with any of your programs?

Investor A4
Yes, with one caveat: It must be through a self directed IRA. A self-directed IRA is legally no different from any other IRA. It simply indicates that you, the client, choose your IRA investments. You can invest your IRA funds in a virtually unlimited set of investments, except for those specifically excluded by law. The only general class of assets excluded by the IRS are life insurance contracts, collectibles, and capital stock in an "S" Corporation. You can verify that it's legal to invest your IRA in first mortgages by going to and searching for Publication 590. Once there, simply look up “prohibited transactions” in the table of contents.

This is not a new concept. You've been able to buy real estate (as long as it is not your personal property or mortgage) within your IRA since IRAs were created over 35 years ago. However, many financial professionals limit investment choices to funds and products for which they'll earn a commission.

Call us for more details on this and we can help point you in the right direction so you maximize the returns on your IRA funds as well.

Buyer Q1
Am I allowed to use a real estate agent to buy one of your properties?

Buyer A1
Yes, we work with agents all the time and are happy to accommodate you in this regard. We even pay up to 3.00% commission for their efforts. But it is important that we know you are being represented by an agent before we discuss price, terms or incentives attached to a property.

Buyer Q2
How can I know about your properties before the general public?

Buyer A2
Simply send us an email giving us your request to be placed on our “Buyer’s List” and you will know about a property weeks before it is placed on the market.

Renter Q1
Are all your properties for rent or lease/option?

Renter A1
Only the homes on our inventory listing that are marked “For Rent” or “Lease/Option” are available for this treatment. Our properties come available from time to time so continuously look for updates/

Renter Q2
What does it take to be come a renter in one of your properties?

Renter A2
We have laid out a straight forward method in knowing what we expect from tenants and have placed all of that information in our FORMS section.


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