This method is our easiest to receive a superior return on your money. The minimum amount of funds for this process is only $5,000 and you cannot invest more than $25,000 as this method is reserved for small and/or new investors. You also get to choose the date of the maturity from our annual maturity dates.

The origin for this program is quite simple. As our firm has grown, we have been offering larger investment funds where the minimum investment amounts have been increasing as well (e.g., up to $100,000 minimum). It has come to our attention that our investment product line has started moving away from our beginnings which we always believed gave our firm its special character. This has prevented a number of potential investors from being able to take advantage of our exclusive opportunities. Therefore, we have instituted a secondary program allowing more clients to gracefully enter the world of real estate investing. This program, FLEX-NOTES, allows us to pay superior returns generated from the earnings projected from our longer term real estate investment programs.

No matter if you are a novice investor with a little, or an old pro who wants to further diversify; this program offers a great way to make an amazing return on your investment. We specialize in helping investors take advantage of real estate opportunities without all the hassle and burdensome complexities. Please download our FLEX-NOTE application here:



   Please Note That All Investment Products Are:

Not a Deposit | Not FDIC Insured | May Lose Value  |  Not Bank Guaranteed  |  Not Insured by any Governmental Agency


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