Our Partners Of Profitability (POP) System is one of the easiest methods to acquire real estate for long term rentals without the hassle of being a working landlord. Our program allows you to partially own a portfolio of housing units with minimal cash outlays to share equally with us in one of our housing projects OR you can fully fund the housing unit to receive the majority of the housing project. The choice is yours and either way you'll receive the best service from a leader in real estate investments. Each project has its risks and rewards and we try to enumerate them in our Private Placement Memorandum that we produce for each project.

Generally speaking, these projects only need an investment of $10,000 to qualify although some projects may require $25,000. All of our projects are funded on a first come, first serviced basis, so please ask questions early so you can be the investor of record on the project of your choice; and make sure you request to be put on the mailing list for future projects.

See synopsis of our available projects can be seen below:

Projects Added Soon


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