One of the processes that we employ is called Smart Capital Opportunities in Real Estate (SCORE). It is one of the oldest techniques used to build wealth in America. In fact, there have been many companies that have been built on issuing these types of Private Mortgage loans because these loans traditionally are higher yielding while offering security and peace of mind for the lender.

The simplest way to understand Private Mortgage loans is to think about how a bank makes their mortgage loans. (While this example is basic in nature it does explain their method.):

The bank borrows money from people by offering them a certificate of deposit and paying them 2% and then lend the money out to people wanting a loan at the rate of 6%. The difference of 4% is called the spread, and is the basic building block of how a bank makes their profit. As you can see, the bank is therefore the “middleman” in making loans.

Using the above example, our process simply cuts out the “middleman” and allows you to earn the higher rate of return enjoyed by the bank. Our Private Mortgage loans have no additional costs and have no commission charge. Furthermore, we have flexible payment options to meet your needs and our loans usually last only from 3 months to 12 months at which time you will receive the return of your principle amount and you can decide if you wish to participate again with another Private Mortgage loan. And one more thing, in this program we NEVER co-mingle or pool funds together...... one Investor, one Private Mortgage.

All of our transactions are handled by attorneys at some of the best title companies in the city. All documents are drawn up to meet state laws and and county regulations. You will always be issued a Mortgage and Note on the property for the full amount that we borrowed which means you have the best collateral for your Private Mortgage loan.

Once you recognize that you want to be part of the program, simply contact us so that we can answer all of your questions and tell us the range of the Private Mortgage loan you are interested in and we will prepare the necessary forms.

When we receive your completed forms and funds, we will prepare the proper documents to be properly filed with the county recorder's office (or clerk of courts) and then, after filing, be returned to you for your safekeeping. It is truly that simple.

More information on this program can be found below which describes the program in detail.

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   Please Note That All Investment Products Are:

Not a Deposit | Not FDIC Insured | May Lose Value  |  Not Bank Guaranteed  |  Not Insured by any Governmental Agency


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