How do we go about purchasing your house?

First, we don't limit ourselves by approaching every purchase the same way. Every seller has different needs, and every house is unique. You may receive more than one offer from us. In fact, I almost guarantee we will make at least two offers on your house or property.

One offer may be All-Cash. However, be prepared to sell at a discount. As investors, we can only justify tying up large sums of cash by creating large profit margins. Also, the more money expended up front means MORE RISK... therefore, more reward is necessary to offset any possible losses. We mean no personal insult when making low All-Cash purchase offers, it is simply a business strategy to off-set any risk we or our investment partners may be exposed to. Sometimes, an All-Cash offer may make sense, but it might not meet your needs--especially if you have an underlying mortgage that needs some attention.

We often make an offer to Take-Over-Payments and Liability (sometimes even missed back-payments). In this scenario, we protect the homeowner from any home-ownership problems... like repairs, maintenance, or mortgage payments. Sometimes we purchase immediately and take title to the home. In those cases, we simply purchase through a Contract for Deed and have a normal closing, often within days or a few weeks. However, this doesn't meet every owner’s need.

Sometimes an owner may be negatively impacted by taxes or other issues if title transfers immediately. In these cases we can still purchase the property by leasing it directly from the Owner of Record, with the option to buy in a year or so-- then we, in turn, will find a qualified Buyer who will Lease-Purchase from us. We profit when our Tenant/Buyer finally gets his mortgage, which usually takes 12-18 months. Meanwhile, we make all payments, repairs, and maintenance until closing- whether someone is living in the home or not. The whole process is really very simple.

We can close quickly if necessary or we can wait if necessary... the choice is yours.

Our ultimate aim is to create WIN-WIN solutions for real estate problems. Win for the owner- the issues are resolved, and Win for us the investors- our investment goals are met. Above all, if we cannot create a WIN-WIN solution, then we will part as friends.

Do we have the perfect solution for every real estate issue? No, but we may have the solution to YOURS, and problems rarely go away on their own. Maybe together, we can help smooth out the wrinkles real estate has caused in your life.


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