Do you need to sell YOUR HOUSE Fast?


We are not affiliated with any real estate agency, so we are not interested in “listing” your home. And our offers NEVER include any fees or commissions to you. Therefore, please only call us if you are SERIOUS about selling your home. We don't like to waste time, ours or yours, and if we cannot do business together, then we will part as friends.

To see if we can help you in your situation, just read below to explore the Who, What, Why, When, Where and How functions of the transaction. Our focus is finding creative solutions to your real estate problem. We specialize in offering you the MAXIMUM AMOUNT by taking over your payments, buying through a land trust or signing a lease option for your house immediately! (We can also offer you a CA$H offer as well.) We will take care of the paperwork, handle all of the arrangements and generally close within two weeks.

We would ask that you simply give us the opportunity and we will help you remove the uncertainty of when, or if, your house will sell. Call us to avoid the problems associated with the FSBO (for sale by owner) method and have more control then listing with a real estate agent. Choose us and you will find that selling your home is simple and fast!

Who do we buy from?

Anyone, really... including private owners, estate heirs, estate trustees, bank trustees, private loan companies, other investors, and so on. People sell to us for any number of reasons: divorce, relocation, tired landlords sick of rental headaches, bank REOs, pending foreclosure, company transfer, double payment relief from a closing gone bad, etc. Sometimes people sell their homes for reasons they don't care to reveal, not all of which are bad... and that's fine. They just "want to sell", and they don't want to mess with all the headaches of listings, showings, screening buyers, etc. They want everything taken care of quickly and efficiently.

What kind of houses do we buy?

We will consider properties ranging from $450,000 golf club homes to $45,000 homes in need of a total rehab. Simply put, we are looking for opportunity. Call us with your property or situation, and we may be able to provide you with the purchase offer you have been looking for. (However, just as a reference, most of the homes that we buy are in the $75,000 to $250,000 price range.)

Our favorite properties are single family homes. Sometimes we will buy multi-family properties, but we prefer single family dwellings... including condos and townhouses. If you have a single family home, townhouse, or condo... we are interested in presenting you with multiple offers.

What can we do for you?

Do you own a house and need to sell it quickly? Here is a sample of common problems that can happen to anyone! More importantly, we specialize in solving these problems.

Is your house currently vacant because you are relocating?

Are you behind on payments because of:

  • · · Sickness?
  • · · Job Loss?
  • · · Divorce?
  • · · Does your home need repairs that you can’t afford?
  • · · Did you become an unwanted home owner from an estate sale?
  • · · Do you have a home with problem tenants?
  • · · Has your home fallen into foreclosure?
  • · · Do you owe liens from:
      • · · Federal taxes?
      • · · State taxes?
      • · · Judgments?

Why do we purchase houses?

We are involved in purchasing houses because we enjoy it, and we enjoy it because we find it a profitable way to invest our funds.

Some people buy and sell in the stock markets. Some invest in mutual funds or CD's. We, as investors, buy single family houses.

Why? Because houses appreciate in value over time, and everyone needs them. The demand never goes away. The housing market changes from time to time in both supply and demand, but overall, I have found it a safe and consistent source of profit and growth for my investment dollars.

Buying homes directly like we do or indirectly as our investment partners do is profitable and fun, and that is why WE BUY houses. Besides, it beats sitting on the couch watching television.

When do we buy homes?

We purchase properties monthly. To meet our investment goals, we need to purchase at least 5 properties per month, in all areas and price ranges. We settle as quickly as possible, depending on each situation. Sometime we can close in 72 hours. At other times, the seller may need some time before moving themselves or their tenant out. Or we may need a couple weeks to get title issues resolved. We sometimes purchase properties WITH renters in them so that we can close faster. Each situation changes as the needs of our investors and our sellers change.

We buy as many houses as our time and investment capital allows. At this point, we have more time and investment capital than we have houses, so call us today with your situation and property. We will do our best to create a Win-Win solution. Otherwise, we will part as friends.

Where do we buy our homes?

We buy homes in all areas, price ranges, and conditions. We buy in exclusive upscale resort communities, working class neighborhoods, rental districts, and even within city Section 8 neighborhoods. Some properties need tons of work and rehab. Some homes are practically BRAND NEW or recent construction still under warranty. Remember, each circumstance is different, and we won't handle your situation or property with a "cookie cutter" approach.

How do we go about purchasing your house?

First, we don't limit ourselves by approaching every purchase the same way. Every seller has different needs, and every house is unique. You may receive more than one offer from us. In fact, I almost guarantee we will make at least two offers on your house or property.

One offer may be All-Cash. However, be prepared to sell at a discount. As investors, we can only justify tying up large sums of cash by creating large profit margins. Also, the more money expended up front means MORE RISK... therefore, more reward is necessary to offset any possible losses. We mean no personal insult when making low All-Cash purchase offers, it is simply a business strategy to off-set any risk we or our investment partners may be exposed to. Sometimes, an All-Cash offer may make sense, but it might not meet your needs--especially if you have an underlying mortgage that needs some attention.

We often make an offer to Take-Over-Payments and Liability (sometimes even missed back-payments). In this scenario, we protect the homeowner from any home-ownership problems... like repairs, maintenance, or mortgage payments. Sometimes we purchase immediately and take title to the home. In those cases, we simply purchase through a Contract for Deed and have a normal closing, often within days or a few weeks. However, this doesn't meet every owner’s need.

Sometimes an owner may be negatively impacted by taxes or other issues if title transfers immediately. In these cases we can still purchase the property by leasing it directly from the Owner of Record, with the option to buy in a year or so-- then we, in turn, will find a qualified Buyer who will Lease-Purchase from us. We profit when our Tenant/Buyer finally gets his mortgage, which usually takes 12-18 months. Meanwhile, we make all payments, repairs, and maintenance until closing- whether someone is living in the home or not. The whole process is really very simple.

We can close quickly if necessary or we can wait if necessary... the choice is yours.

Our ultimate aim is to create WIN-WIN solutions for real estate problems. Win for the owner- the issues are resolved, and Win for us the investors- our investment goals are met. Above all, if we cannot create a WIN-WIN solution, then we will part as friends.

Do we have the perfect solution for every real estate issue? No, but we may have the solution to YOURS, and problems rarely go away on their own. Maybe together, we can help smooth out the wrinkles real estate has caused in your life.


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